The RAE Association (Vic) Memorabilia Collection

Request for donations of memorabilia to add to our collection.

The Association has inherited the memorabilia collected by the Old Sappers Association over 80 years from 1935 until 2015 when it amalgamated with Royal Australian Engineers Association (Vic) The RAE Association is now looking at building up the memorabilia collection to make it more up to date including the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s to present day. We want to showcase what Victorian Sappers have done throughout the years and what they might have collected, before it all ends up in the tip. These items will be placed on show for all to share in remembering the good old times. Sappers that have been at Swan Street, Ringwood, Yallourn, Oakleigh and other Victorian Depots have would have carried out many memorable (and not so memorable) activities whilst they were in and have may have picked up a few items that they would now like to share and donate to the collection, we hope. Should you wish to donate, loan or even bequeath items to the collection please let either Mel or Jim know and if you can put a bit of a story together that is linked to the item it would be great, a letter then acknowledging your contribution and noting whether it’s a donation, loan or anonymous will be sent to you and the item will be marked accordingly. We would like to make this collection one to be proud of. We have a room specially dedicated to the showing of all the items in Oakleigh Depot and maybe soon in the Ringwood Depot also. We hope you can help. Please contact ; Mel Constable 0412 403 043 or email orJim Davis 0413 479 157 or email

Mel Constable - Curator


The RAE Association - Victoria has a large quantity of photographs collected over many years.  Our Curator is in the process of registering and recording all items of memorabilia, including hundreds of photographs.  Many of these photographs do not have any accompanying notes identifying individuals, activities and locations.

Here is where YOU can help.  We are going to post some of these unidentified photographs and ask our supporters to try and identify WHO, WHEN, WHERE.  If you can identify any people, places or events represented in the photos, please contact our Curator, Mel Constable who will be very happy to receive your support for what is a massive tasks identifying and preserving our local sapper history.

Instructions: Hover your mouse over each photo to identify its name and then send that along with your information to our curator.

Contact: or email