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Sapper Summit mid Year Edition 2018

Unfortunately, the planned mid year edition of Sapper Summit will not be published this year.  Due to significant and unforeseen events impacting on a number of our major contributors, the decision has been made to hold over material planned for the mid year edition and include this in a substantial end of year edition.  It was decided that it was better to make a larger, combined, end of year edition than to publish a magazine of only a few pages at this time.  The President, Editor and Committee apologize to all readers and contributors for any inconvenience this decision may have caused.

If you missed Sapper Summit 98, you can download it from the Sapper Summit page of our website on click on this link.


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Waterloo Dinner 2017

Above: RAE Association Victoria Vice President representing the Association and expressing our gratitude to Melbourne High School ACU at the unit’s annual parade 2017.


Above:  RAE Association Victoria President Bill Van Ree and Vice President Ted Boltong-Remembrance Day 2017

Above:  Sappers turn out for the dedication of Sapper Lane at the Repatriation Hospital 

Above:  22 Engineer Regiment Commanding Officer Hand Over Take Over Parade

Reserve Forces Day 2017

RAE Association (Vic) and 22 Engineer Regiment On Parade-ANZAC DAY 2017

Serving Sappers

A full report on ANZAC Day 2017 including a response to issues arising from the early step off during the Melbourne Commemorative March will be provided in the next edition of Sapper Summit.


The RAE Association (Vic) recently received this message from the VVA (Vic).  It is published along with a link for the interest of members.  The RAE Association (Vic) does not have a policy on this issue at this point in time.  The attached message and link are published for the interest of members and readers.

Hi Everyone,  Attached is a Petition request relating to the above matter. The Civilian Medical Staff served in Vietnam from 1964 until 1972.

Although having served their time in a War zone they are still not entitled to a GOLD CARD. We ask for your help in this matter by Signing

this petition and hopefully making this a reality for these wonderful people who took the time and Volunteered to helping others. We ask also

to forward this to family, friends and anyone else you feel is able in making this possible.


Kindest regards


George Skell


Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia - Victoria

Click here to see the petition.


Association Visits Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering 12 Mar 16