RAE Association (Vic) Events Calendar 2019

Please check this web site regularly as event details will be displayed here as soon as they are known.  Event details will also be advised in Sapper Summit and on the Association's Facebook page.

Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Royal Australian Engineers Association - Victoria will be held at the Ringwood East RAE Training Depot 56 Dublin Road Ringwood East at 1500 hours on Tuesday 9 April 2019 at 1500 hours. This is the opportunity for members to have a direct say in the role and direction of the association, as well as to elect committee members and learn of the association’s work over the last year.  Meeting documents can be viewed on the documents page of this web site. Please register your attendance with the Secretary prior to the meeting to comply with army depot accesssecurity requirements.

Jim Davis.

Hon Secretary,

RAE Association (Vic) Inc.


For some time it has been the wish of the committee to make a trip to visit the Vietnam Vets Museum at Phillip Island. We are now in a position to undertake this venture and are seeking EOI to gauge support for the excursion. The day is open to members and non-members and the more the merrier. At the moment the museum has a display commemorating Fire Support Bases Balmoral and Coral but this display is due to finish shortly and that is why we are anxious to make this trip. We would look to make the trip on Monday 19th November 2018 and would provide a 22 seater bus*.

Brief and broad brush plans for the day are (subject to change)

0900 Depart Ringwood depot

1030 commence tour of museum1230 depart museum for Cowes RSL1300 Lunch at RSL or we can even use the café at the museum – cost of lunch is your own care

1430 Free time Cowes (have a walk around and an Ice Cream) or even spend extra time at the museum.

1530 Depart for Ringwood1700 Arrive Ringwood

As I say we are seeking EOI by say 12 November 2018. We would like this day to go ahead but if there is not enough interest in the bus idea we could look at car-pooling. Some people may want to come along but make their own way down there and this is also OK.

* UPDATE BUS ARRANGEMENTS we are getting a bus and driver supplied by Defence so that will cut the cost right down – people will be asked to donate say $5.00 for the driver which will cover his entry to the museum, lunch and some left over. So people will only need to cover the cost of entry to the museum and then their lunch so a very cheap day and very worthwhile day.

Jim Davis  Secretary


Wreath Laying and Dawn Services

The RAE Association Victoria will participate in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and wreath laying at the Ringwood Clock Tower, Maroondah Highway Ringwood from 0530 on 25 April 2018.

The Association will also participate in the Ringwood RSL ANZAC march, service and wreath laying on 22 April.

Please see opposite for details of the Melbourne ANZAC Day Commemorative March on 25 April 2018.  Members should note that in 2018, our step of time and FUP will be different to that of previous years.

Members should also be aware that it is highly likely that our step off time will be brought forward on the day so members are advised to be in the vicinity of the FUP well before the scheduled step off time.  Many well recall that march timings were changed at the last minute in 2017 and as a result, many members missed the opportunity to march with the Association.  Please be ready to step off well ahead of the scheduled time.


ANZAC DAY 2018  The RAE Association (Vic) will participate in the Melbourne 2018 ANZAC Day Commemoration March. Forming up details have been published in the RSL Magazine "Mufti".

RAE Association - Assembly Point is Flinders Street (west-north side) Step off is 1025. Please assemble 60 minutes prior to step off. There is a chance the step off time will be brought forward on the day, so we should be ready to march well ahead of the scheduled time.

All sappers, regardless of unit, campaign, ARA/Ares are welcome to march behind the RAE Association's banner.

Melbourne High School AAC has kindly offered to provide AAC members to assist with our banner.

The RAE Association (Vic) participates in the Melbourne Anzac Day Commemorative March and Service with the permission of the Victorian RSL.  Those who march with the Association on 25th Aprilare expected to conform to the RSL's ANZAC Day protocols.  These can be accessed via the link on this page.

As in 2017, the RAE Association will also participate in the Ringwood RSL Commemorative march and service on Sunday 22 April 2018. The FUP is in the carpark on the corner of New Street and Maroondah....formerly "Target Square". Form up at 0930 hrs. All sappers are invited to join the RAE Association for this ANZAC commemorative march and service.

RAE Association members who are planning to attend the Waterloo Dinner are also asked to advise our secretary of their attendance


22 Construction Regiment and 4 Combat Engineer Regiment- unit history project.  Any help you can provide with this project will be greatly appreciated.  Photos and memorabilia associated with 22 CR or 4CER along with documents and personal stories would add significantly to the work the writing team is undertaking.  If you can help in any way or if you have any questions, your point of contact is CAPT Noel Tipton at 22 Engineer Regiment and Don Hughes for the 4 CER project.

General email enquiries should be forwarded to:

Please see Sapper Summit No 88 for more information on this significant project.

Some Sappers will note that there will be a time gap in the published histories of the RAE in Victoria at the completion of this project.  There are conceptual plans to complete the histories of 7FER, 7ESR and 10 Field Squadron at some future time.  If you have material suitable to these projects, please keep it safe and accessible for future use.

Message from Don Hughes -

Don Hughes is co-ordinating the history writing project for 4 CER.  Don has submitted the following information to provide a more detailed snapshot of this important project.

Fellow Victorian Sappers,

Below is the link to the most recent copy of the “Template” for the history of 4CER.

A similar style has been recommended for the history of 22 Construction Regiment.

We want the two books (4CER and 22 Const Regt) to be in final draft by the end of the year (2015).

To achieve this we need the writing teams (CO & team) to have confirmed by ANZAC DAY they are on track to submit their draft by 16 September 2015  Don

Proposed Unit History Template

RAE Association Victoria President Bill Van Ree presenting the Association’s Annual Awards to 2017 winners SPR Frattin, CPL Eaton and LT Kwitk

Above:  RAE Association Vic President LTCOL W. Van Ree (Retd) presenting the RAE Association 2018 Awards to the CPL Radziszewski and SPR Hobley of 22 Engineer Regiment.

Award Winners 2014:



LT Stephanie HOGAN


Award Winners 2015:

SPR William Van Berkel

LCPL Anurag Sharma

LT Simon Duell

Award Winners 2017

SPR Frattin

CPL Eaton

LT Kwitk


The Royal Australian Engineers Association of Victoria will make annual awards to the year's outstanding soldiers from 22 ER in the following categories:

best sapper

best JNCO

best Junior Officer

The awards will be presented at the Regiment's final parade for the year. Winners will be recorded on a special honour board funded by the RAE Southern Region Corps Committee and displayed prominently at 22 Engineer Regiment.

Winners will also be announced in Sapper Summit and on the RAE Association (Vic) web site.

Whilst recognizing and congratulating the award winners, the RAE Association (Vic) also recognizes and congratulates all members of 22 ER for their service to the Regiment, the Corps and the country.


Award Winners 2016

8595025 SPR Daniel Adams

858841 CPL James Coutts

8589345 LT Mark Zanier

Award Winners 2018

8623781 SPR Adam HOBLEY


8591628 LT Jake KILSBY